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Sheep, horse and rabbit

    Technical or physical properties of wool are characterized by fineness, length, crimp, strength, elongation, resilience, elasticity, color, luster, moisture content and yield of pure fiber.
     Tonina, the main indicator of the quality of wool. It is determined but the cross-sectional diameter in microns sherstyanki. Depending on fineness of the wool uniform of Bradforskoy system is divided into 13 classes. Fine wool, having fineness of from 14.5 to 18.5 microns, refers to the 80 th class, from 18.1 to 20.5-to 70-th, from 20.6 to 23.0 - to 64-th and from 23.1 to 25.0 - the 60th class of fineness . Semithin wool has classes from the fineness of the 58th (25,1-27,0 mm) to 32 th (55,1-67,0 mm). Fineness of the wool depends on fineness and quality of wool yarn tissues. 1 kg of fine washed wool uniform 60-64th grade can be 4.3 m2 to develop a light fabric and wool 40-36th grade only 1 m2.
     The length of hair can be natural (in the height of the wool staple, or kinking of Kosice) and true (the length of straightened wool). The length of wool fleece sheep 11.6 cm, 12-40 cm wooled, coarse 20-30 cm longer and thicker wool, the more clipping, the long coat is made thin and strong thread.
     Fortress of the hairs is determined to break dynamometer.
     Tensile-property hairs stretched beyond the true length, the elasticity of the property to recover the initial-shape after compression plasticity - the property to keep the form, attached by moisture and heat (Chapter-tion), b l e a k - property of wool fibers reflect the light rays depends on the location of the upper layer of scales, the color white is preferred.
Shorn sheep with uniform wool (fleece and noluton Coruna) once a year - in spring, and with non-uniform (rough or polugruboy) twice a year - spring and fall. Before cutting within 12-14 h of sheep kept without food and water. Cut at shelving height 0.4-0.6 m and 1.2-1.5 m wide One experienced worker shearing machine for a day can shave 80-90 sheep.
   The resulting wool klassiruyut in accordance with the procurement standards, individual runes and roll packed in bales.


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