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Breeding rabbits

Rabbit - the most prolific and precocious pet. For the year rabbit can produce 4-b OKROL and each of them by 6-8 and
even 15 rabbits. The sexual cycle (oocyte maturation) in unfertilized females is repeated every 8-9 days, and
females are able to fertilize the next day after OKROL.
Born rabbits, like all of burrowing animals, undeveloped - blind, glabrous, helpless. In the first three weeks
fed only mother's milk. In rabbit milk 13-27% fat, 10-15% protein, 1.8-2.1% lactose, 2.6% mineral
substances. The high nutritional value of milk provides a rapid development of rabbits: a 5-7-day lives, they are covered with wool on
10-14th see, the 15-20th are beginning to emerge from the nest.
At birth, a rabbit weighing 40-64 g, the first week of its mass is doubled to 4 months of age, he is up to 60% by weight
adult rabbit. Sexual maturity occurs in medium-sized rocks in the 4-5-month, and at large - in the 5 to 6 months of age.
Rabbits are well fattened, reaching 4 months of age 2.5-3 kg. Carcass meat yield of 60-65%.
The rabbit is adapted to the outer content.


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